Spartickes Dyes: Dyeing All the Alpaca

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dyeing All the Alpaca

I am fortunate enough to dye for a local alpaca mill.  Although the mill is small, it keeps me quite busy.  They have over 100 alpaca on their farm, but they also process fleece for other businesses (and non-businesses as well).  Sometimes, they send me fiber to dye, then they take it and spin it into yarn.  Sometimes, they make the yarn then send that to me to dye.
Today's efforts were focused on yarn.  Wanna take a peak at what I did today?

"Soft Blues" In the Dyepot
Sorry it's dark and sideways, but here's "Kelly Green," "Turquoise," and "Soft Blues" hanging out to dry in my backyard.  (No-I will not give you my address!)