Spartickes Dyes: The Life and Times of Roz

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Life and Times of Roz

I have a confession to make.  I got in trouble this week.  Big trouble.  Roz called me out.  She asked me why she hasn't been allowed in the shop for a long time, and I didn't have any good reason.  So, I'm letting her in this week.  And, I even put her on sparkle base, which kind of got me in more trouble.  She's not really one for shiny things.  I'm probably going to get into more trouble when I show you this picture.  It is kind of like showing her naked!

I figure that I need to show her who is boss, and I do what I want!  In the picture, you see the inspiration shot, below that on the left is the naked yarn that I soaked before I dyed it.  Going to the right from there, you see the 4 dyes that I used to make the yarn.  I use squirt bottles to apply it.  The bottom right is mid-dye.  Above that is what the dyed yarn looks like before I allowed it to soak in water.  Then you see a few shots of what Roz looks like all dyed up!  

As you can see, I really like to have fun with my yarn, each one truly does have a story behind it.  I lock myself in my tiny dye studio and make up friends to keep me company!  

Roz will be available in limited quantities in Monday's 6:00 CST update in the etsy shop:  I hope you get the chance to have her come to your house.  Beware, though.  She is a little bit snarky.

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