Spartickes Dyes: March 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

The New Club Details are Here

I'm excited to announce the next installment of the Spartickes Dyes Holiday Club!  Woot!  I've been having so much fun, and I know that the designers have been loving it too.  Here are some pictures from February and March.  I won't show you April yet, since that won't be coming out until the 15th.

Who's ready for more?  Well, if you missed out on the last one, or you just don't want the yarn to stop coming, you are going to love what I have to tell you next!!  (or if you are like me and just want to get to the good stuff, just fill out this form)

May is going to be a celebration of Mothers!  The beautiful and talented Aussie Sarah Missingham (Silkydoll) will be designing a 2 skein Mother's Day shawl out of Braverman Sock, that is 80% superwash merino, 20% SILK (shine and strength!): the same lovely yarn that the St. David's Day shawl is made from, only this shawl is going to be variegated with gorgeous bright colors, but I'm not telling you what they are!  Okay, I will tell you that she drew her color inspiration from the same flower that is featured at the Floriade Festival every September in Canberra.  So, if you want to investigate, feel free to google it!  The colors are pretty and inspired by Australian flora, so you know that I'm excited about it.

June is going to be so awesome!  One of my favorite indie dyers and an all around awesome girl is the magic behind a sock pattern that you are going to love!  GIPunkJenn of 716Knits is making her pattern based on the book The Giving Tree because it is World Wide Environment Day.  June is also the month that the book was published, AND this talented artist is incorporating Father's Day in it as well.  You will be receiving 1 skein of Will and Grace Sock, which is superwash merino and nylon.

And last but not least, July is going to be brought to you by a podcasting celebrity!  Lauren of Lemknitcrochet has so much energy and excitement.  She (hopefully Charlie will help) will be helping us celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day!!!  Doesn't the theme fit the designer perfectly?!  And, to celebrate, we are going to be making not one but TWO teddy bears!!  One will be made out of Joss Whedon Worsted, which is 100% superwash merino, and the second one will be SPARKLY!  It will be a smaller version-Liberace sock weight, which is 75% superwash merino, 15% nylon, and 5% gold stellina.  We needed to make it sparkly to coincide with the 4th of July!!

Aren't you so excited?!  I know that I am!  Ready for the details?  The club comes with 4.5 skeins of yarn, 3 patterns, and US shipping.  International peeps, I can let you know the cost of shipping when you sign up.  It is $141 for all three months, and can be broken down into 3 payments of $47 each or paid in full.  The first shipment will be for Mother's Day, so that is Sunday, May 11th.  We'll do your best to get it to you by the 10th since mail doesn't go on the 11th.  June is Worldwide Environment Day, which is Thursday, June 5th, and July is Teddy Bear Picnic Day, which is Thursday, July 10th.

Fill out this form  to get signed up, and I'll send you an invoice.  If you are able to pay by Sunday, you will receive either a free medium project bag or $10 off, your choice!  Otherwise, payments (or the first installment) will be due April 15th.